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From a homeowner in Boise, ID

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I was most satisfied with the quality of their work and the materials that they used.

From a homeowner in Middleton, ID

Additional Comment
My project with Siding Pros was a positive experience and I will miss the people although it is good to have the job complete....

Steve L. in Boise, ID
Siding Pros of Idaho is very consistent. They did a very well done detailed job.

Amanda W. in Boise, ID
Chad was very informative and patient with all our questions. The crew that worked on our home was so polite, professional, and hard-working. The...

Cody H. in Boise, ID
We are planning on doing siding on the other half of our building. There is no other company I am going to let bid...

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What our homeowners say

From a homeowner in Middleton, ID

Likely To Recommend
I am very proud of the job SIDING PROS OF IDAHO did on our home and I would highly recommend them to others. When...

From a homeowner in Middleton, ID

Quality: Workmanship/Materials/Crew
Quality of work is amazingly GOOD. My high expectations were met without a doubt. Hardie siding is highly regarded in the world of...

From a homeowner in Middleton, ID

Project Manager Professionalism
Always!! Treated me with the respect of a family member not like just another job.

From a homeowner in Boise, ID

Additional Comment
All the employees that worked on our home deserve credit for such a job well done.

From a homeowner in Boise, ID

Additional Comment
Siding Pros will get a recommendation anytime I know of anyone who is looking for siding done. They did an extremely good job and...

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Roof Replacement Boise, Idaho 2017-02-26T00:45:27+00:00

Need An Experienced Roofing Contractor in Boise?

If You Need A New Roof Or Just Roof Repairs, Siding Pros Of Idaho Can Help.

GAF-tile-roofHere are some way to help you determine if you need just a few roof repairs, or if you need a complete roof replacement.

1. How Old Is Your Roof? – The average lifespan of a typical roof in the Boise, ID area is 20 to 25 years. If you are experiencing roofing failures, and its close to or over that 20 year mark, its time for a new roof.

2. Look At Your Shingles. Are you seeing shingles (especially those exposed to the most sunlight), that are curling, buckling, or altogether missing? This is a good sign that the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan.

3. Check Your Gutters For Granules. Shingle granules tend to fall off more rapidly when the roof is wearing out.

4. Poke Your Head Up Into The Attic. Do you see any light showing through? Also check for any sign of water damage, or that moisture has been getting through.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like our roofing pros to take a look and give you a repair or replacement quote, call 208-672-1967, or request a quote online by filling out the form to the right.

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